Thursday, August 6, 2015

Words Define Us

Who are we? How do we define our identity? What makes us authentic as family members, colleagues, connected educators, employees, and friends. Words define us on a daily basis. They represent who we are and what we stand for. If it were not for language, how would we communicate? 

Words are our heart messengers, providing inspiration for our daily walk. With an abundant mindset filled with gratitude, we carry words on our journey of faith. 

We are life followers, 
finding rainbows of positivity along the way.
brimming with passion of new horizons each day.

We are part of the productive struggle guided by a Greater Being, a Divine Light that opens doors to peace and the richness of each sunset. With eyes filled with belief, we can see the wonders of life and reflect on the many possibilities each pulsating beat offers.

What words define me? I have always been a believer and a ponderer. I have gravitated toward seeing the world through water-painted words, but along the way somehow put aside the pen to paper life of journaling. Now I am back reflecting, writing, and immersed in the world of the possible. I am more open to accepting life's twists and turns and try to be a faithful listener waiting patiently for God's plan to be revealed. The transition has taken me from believing to having a stronger foothold as a positive believer who listens with open ears. What I seek now is discernment but that is a whole other journey.

Today, Spiritual Journey Thursday is reopening its doors today. Holly Mueller is our guide on this journey. Please visit her site to connect with other followers who travel the road of life. 

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