Saturday, August 8, 2015

Celebrate Wonder

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”

When I travel to new sites, I am filled with wonder. I see natural beauty existing around me and with a news lens observe life more closely. As I notice more, I become filled with a sense of awe and discovery that leads to new knowledge and new inquiries. This past week, I connected with nature to uncover the majesty of the world. Through the simple act of wondering I allowed my mind to explore life in new ways so today I celebrate the act of wondering.

Observing nature leads to many wonders.

Cape May is a stunning place to wonder about life as it was to what it is now-from a Victorian seaside village to a 21st century vacation spot. Our family mini-vacation allowed me to celebrate joy and create some digital vibes.

While watching the sunset at Sunset Beach, Cape May, I wondered how the sun creates such magnificent colors of beauty. Many people also wondered as the sun bid day goodby. I was told that watching of the sunset is a nightly ritual in Cape May. 
Cape May has so much history that it is easy to get caught up in the act of wondering. From the Five and Dime with the working soda fountain to the old lighthouse, I noticed and wondered about life back then. 

The act of wondering causes me to stop-think-reflect on nature's beauty. Stepping back from the Cape May beach surrounding the lighthouse, I was able to capture this moment when all was peaceful in the heat of a summer day. 
There is wonder all around us, you just have to "stop and smell the roses" or in this case stop and smell the salt air to know that life is full.

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