Friday, August 14, 2015

A Butterfly's Flight

As breeze washed the Long Island shore today, I watched the seagulls swoon and dip above the sand. Some gazed longingly into the sea, mesmerized by the roaring waves. The sound of sea splashings under the summer sun lulled me into a reflective state. I drifted back to a Cape May summer day when my husband and I watched the dance of a speckled butterfly. She pranced daintily in mid-air, wings not as lengthy as the gulls along the shore, but nonetheless noteworthy. Upon her descent, the butterfly gracefully landed in the deep green foliage of a magenta blossom. With swift control my camera clicked again and again as the butterfly allowed me to capture her beauty. 

The precision landing of the lovely creature of the air reminded me of our flight in life? Sometimes, we sweep through the stretches of life looking for rest. Sometimes, we land precisely where we want to be. Other times, we search a long time looking for a specific destination.

Thinking about the sea and butterflies while gathering resources for an upcoming professional development program, I found a delightful Emily Dickinson poem. The opening line is a beautiful description of today on Long Island.  

A Soft Sea Washed Around The House
by Emily Dickinson

A soft sea washed around the house,
A sea of summer air,
And rose and fell the magic planks
That sailed without a care.
For captain was the butterfly,
For helmsman was the bee,
And an entire universe
For the delighted crew.

Please visit Heidi Mordhurst's site, my juicy little universe, for today's Poetry Friday Round-up. She is delighting us with a whimsical poem about holding on to summer days. 

I am collecting digital poems embedded in images for the gallery I am designing, Summer Splashings. Please send your offering to me by the end of August. You can access the invitation to the gallery here and view the trailer that I created here

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