Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lift Up Our Students

It is back-to-school time around the country. Some districts have already opened their doors to learning. Others are eagerly awaiting their back-to-school learners. All district are setting their sights on a successful year of student growth and character building. 

Teachers and leaders' arms are outstretched to welcome the new year but some students are not ready for the challenges. Some are fearful. Some have misgivings. On the other hand, there are those students whose excitement cannot be contained. All students need to find hope, passion, and a zest for learning in the hallowed halls of their building. 

I join others across the globe in lifting up our students as they step into a bright new year of learning. May they find safe environments to exist in, passions sparked, and their dreams become realities. 

It is time connect and learn alongside each other in a universal embrace. 

May Michael Jackson's words from Superbowl 1993 be revisited 
as a prayer for this year as we start back to school.

Stand together all around the world
joined in a common purpose
to make the planet into a haven of joy
and understanding and goodness. 

Now join Holly Mueller as she opens the Spiritual Journey Thursday space. 
This week's topic is prayer for students.

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