Friday, August 21, 2015

Celebrating Timely Moments

I was speaking on the phone to my elderly uncle tonight who always answers my question on how he is with the reply, “One day at a time.” His response was timely since I had just finished creating an inspirational poster on time for the #reflect31 art challenge. As I stayed in the moment my uncle and I continued our chat about time and memories. At the end of the conversation, I realized that I spent a half-hour of listening and chatting to someone close to me who is clearly recognizing that time is fleeting by

Laughing with my uncle about events from the past, I thought how fresh some inconsequential memories remain in our minds. The ordinary happenings mixed with the extraordinary ones become the fabric of our lives. There is an invisible thread connecting each cloth of time. Slowing down the pace helps us recognize the beauty of the world, carve one more memory, and weave another thread. Today, I celebrate staying in the moment while remembering the hands of love that helped sew each stitch of my life. 

To celebrate the joy of timely moments that let me savor summer days, I recount my week through the digital expressions I created.

My week began with this digital inspiration and moved on to recognize that authenticity and transparency are necessary to live a faithful life. 

Filled with the desire to negate stress during back-to-school time I created an inspirational collage.

Midweek I contemplated on life and the words balance and focused popped up. With the theme of life's moments fresh in my mind, I created an image with the eyes of a child searching for the teacher as an awakener to guide him this school year. 

Time did not stand still this week as I tried to capture it. It passed on but I continually tried to find small moments to celebrate life. 

Please visit Ruth Ayres at Celebrate This Week each Saturday. I hope that you savored your end of summer time and your moments with family and friends this week. 

A gentle reminder for those who realize that the end of August is nearing and they wish to send in their digital expression for the gallery I am creating, Summer Splashings: I am accepting submissions up to August 31, 2015.

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