Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Inspired by Nature

On days when writing slows down, I turn to nature to find inspiration. Henry David Thoreau said, "We can never have enough of nature." I am a firm believer in Thoreau's words for nature is my observation window into life. Through the looking glass of nature, I peak at the world with different eyes. I retreat into its depths. Nature never disappoints me. Despite its unpredictability, I can still find splendor in nature.

Today, in hope of finding fall, my family and I took a spontaneous trip to upstate New York. While the leaves have not yet peaked in the Hudson River region, I witnessed the beauty of the season. I was awed by the change of color that I have not seen yet on Long Island. I was inspired to take photos and sear all the memories of this fall day in my mind's eye.

As the sun's rays glistened onto lakes, streams, and the mighty Hudson River, I noticed small objects that complimented the scene: a stray log floating, a solitary, tiny red leaf on a trail, and leaves cascading in mid-air. I approached a man-made dam completed in 1906 and was taken aback by the beauty of rushing water flowing with a forceful, rhythmic motion. Prior to visiting this area, I heard that at the time of its completion, Croton Gorge was the largest dam in the world and second largest man-made structure next to the pyramids of Egypt. Naturally, I wanted to see for myself this structure that has withheld the forces of time. My family and I found the gorge to be a serene place for rest and reflection. 

What did I learn this fall day? Writing promotes self-discovery and peaceful scenes like I experienced are reminders that daily living needs not be rushed. Nature promotes the slowing down of life so that it can be savored. I returned home contemplating the beauty of an autumn day and the fun of a spontaneous Autumnventure. I turn to writing in the evening hours to savor a day well spent. 

I write tonight to preserve the wonder of an autumn day and offer this as my slice for Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life Tuesday.  

October 20, 2016 is National Day On Writing sponsored by NCTE.
Let's Celebrating Writing Every Day! 

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