Saturday, October 22, 2016

Celebrate Abundancy

Did you ever have a week filled with abundancy? 

This week, there were several memorable moments that brought smiles to my family. I captured the events in photos to add to my collection of wonderful times to remember. 

I celebrate belief in possibilities and abundancy that follows.

Photo captured on a family trip to find fall

After I started this writing, I read a post by my writer friend, Violet Nesdoly. Her central thought (below) resonated with me.

You crown the year with Your goodness, and your paths drip with abundance.
Psalm 65:11 

Violet's post validates my belief that abundance is a gift of faith. My week has been blessed with abundance and I write to celebrate the events that led to this feeling.

The week started with an annual trip to Memorial Sloan Kettering for a check-up. For thirteen years, I have traveled there with the belief that the power of faith and medicine heal. On Monday, my doctor said that I looked great and we recalled the first time I met him in 2003 during the New York City Blackout. To celebrate my good news, my son, husband, and I strolled the streets of Little Italy to find the perfect outdoor cafe for a delicious dinner and a glass of wine. As a bonus, I found fall right on the streets of New York. 

I followed this memorable evening with an inspirational day to find fall in Westchester, two hours north of Long Island. The Indian Summer day offered a beautiful backdrop to capture photos and autumn artifacts. 

I was inspired by nature, captured autumn, and celebrated writing this week. There was an abundance of happiness, so tonight I celebrate with Ruth Ayres and the blogging community at Celebrate This Week.

I send out an open invitation to all to join me in finding fall. 
Photos, inspirational quotes, digital inspirations/image poems 
are being collected at #Autumnventure. 

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