Tuesday, October 4, 2016


As connected educators who wish to make a difference in the lives of our students, we must become guides on the side and facilitators of learning and lean in to model and promote effective classroom learning by:
  • Establishing a tone of positivity from the start of the school year
  • Designing student-friendly norms and protocols to create a culture of trust in our learning spaces
  • Gradually releasing responsibility for learning to our students
  • Embracing change that will effectively impact teaching and learning
But we cannot stand alone. 

It takes momentum and support from a community of educators and parents working together to assist students in becoming meaning makers of their own learning. 

It is our calling as educators to empower our learners to take risks, see failure as a steppingstone to success, collaborate openly, explore inquiry paths, and understand that choice leads to amplified voice. 

So what is it that we need to do immediately to transform the landscape of learning? How do we bring about positive change in a world of flux?

What road will you take to be a difference maker this year?
How will you comfortably create a culture of trust to influence students to become agents of their own learning?

As Eric Sheninger says, "Student agency is about empowering kids to own their learning (and school) through greater autonomy. It is driven by choice, voice, and advocacy." 

I have been playing with the septercet form of poetry (a poem consisting of any number of three-line stanzas, each with seven syllables) that Michelle H. Barnes encouraged writers to post at Today's Little Ditty Challenge last month. I decided to compose my thoughts on agency using the septercet form. Margaret Simon asked the #DigiLitSunday blogging community to write on this topic two weeks ago. You can access others thoughts here.

Slice of Life (#sol16) is featured at Two Writing Teachers each Tuesday. Since I am finishing the design of my Summerscapes Gallery, I will offer this piece as my thought for the week.


Teachers skillfully hone craft
empowering students on,
closer toward independence.

Children journey with teachers
on inquiry paths of choice
as agents of their learning.

So stamina is needed 
by learners who seek knowledge
to become meaning makers.

Charge for difference makers:
Create a culture of trust.
Positivity spreads fast.

Charge for owners of learning:
Step beyond your comfort zone
take risks and own your learning.
©CV, 2016


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