Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Story Evolves

Today was one of those days that needed distractions. Sitting in front of a computer designing a presentation for a group of teachers was weighing heavily on my mind. So many thoughts on digital writing were in front of me waiting to find their home in Google Slides. Knowing that a facilitator guides instruction not dominates it was making the task a longer process than I thought. When my husband said that he was taking a ride to Hicks Nursery, I jumped at the chance to go along. Maybe a change of scenery would be just the right break. 

Off we went to the place that I took my children to each Halloween. Otto the Ghost was still there but his venue expanded and his story took on a new dimension. Otto was greeting his little guests in a Disney-like exhibit with a new animated tale called "Otto's Green Halloween." I met a young mother and her little one there for the second time who told us that we were lucky the walkthrough show was not crowded. I was delighted to be able to take photos without throngs of people milling around me and to have such an excited little girl by my side. As we traveled from room to room another child, older than the toddler, appeared and she too was mesmerized by Otto the Ghost. Of course, this brought to mind all of the Halloween visits to see Otto over the years and the fun that happens at Halloween in my neighborhood.  

This trip was the right diversion for me. With camera in hand I was able to hone in on a small moment, capture the buds of a story to share, and continue my quest to find fall

"Photography is a love affair with life." (Burk Uzzle, American documentary photographer) I can say honestly that being behind a camera is an exciting place to be. It lets me look at life with a new set of eyes and of course, it offers me inspiration for writing. 

It's Tuesday and time to write, give, and share at the Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life. You can access the writing community's slices here.

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