Monday, October 17, 2016

Why I Write

There is much to wonder about in this world for space is infinite and possibilities unlimited. In the evening hours, when the world nods its sleepy head and quiet evokes solace, I close my eyes to wonder a little bit longer. Why do I write?

My mind wanders down corridors of time, reflecting, wondering when the passion for writing began. Words float on by. I imagine this parade of thought to be like the autumnal dance of leaves cascading in the breeze. I wait patiently for words to crystallize. They organically flow in the quiet. Stillness surrounds them. Only the night whispers. I pause to listen; close my eyes to see into the darkness. Fingers sweep the keyboard. Why do I write? I scroll back into my writing and find thoughts from the past that provide responses to this question.

Writing is an art form that moves your consciousness to paper. 

It is the process by which you reveal your inner self while splashing your thoughts across the page. It starts as a glimmer of an idea, a seed that sprouts in the quiet corners of your mind, and takes form when the muse beckons you. Writing can be an arrangement of free thoughts or an on demand task. It can be a messy synthesis of ideas or an elegant rewrite. With faith, the writing process allows thoughts to germinate, grow, and give voice to a writing life.

I zoom in on why I write at this given time.

I write to:

  • honor the voice within that has passed through time
  • polish the apple while capturing small moments
  • observe nature in all its glory
  • remember, rephrase, reflect, and revise
  • elaborate the known and develop the unknown
  • honor those who have written before me
  • encourage those whose young voices are maturing
  • find the wonder in words and explore their territory
  • connect with others who are risk-takers of thought

There is magic in writing. I write because it is my lifeblood flowing as a stream of consciousness. I move from pen and paper to keyboard, notebook to electronic portfolio to find the just right words to define me or extend the topic at hand. Sometimes, my writing is filled with emotions that are locked, passions that are waiting to explode, and thoughts that are reluctant to be released. Since I was a small child, I wrote to creatively express myself. I continue that process realizing that there is still much to uncover, craft moves to explore, and connections to be made. Writing is a continuous act of moving forward, noticing more, digging deeper, and discovering life's unlimited opportunities. 

This week I honor the act of writing along with the National Council of Teachers of English, the DigiLit Sunday community, and educators in the United States. I will add my voice to others on the National Day on Writing, October 20th, an event I have championed for over a decade because Writing Matters and Voice is Strong. On October 20th, NCTE will "celebrate the importance, joy, and evolution of writing" with a Tweetup using the hashtag, #WhyIWrite. Will you join the movement to promote writing as an art form?

The world is busy, but the mind tenacious.
The writing life is all about faith in a fragment.
Kim Stafford

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