Monday, October 3, 2016

Celebrating 2016 Summerscape Moments

As summer passes into the autumn season,
I vividly recall my summerscape moments.
They were unique times of discovery,
minications that connected mind and body
to the spirit, inner self, and the world. 
They were the small moments of life that 
brought peace, pleasure, and joy.
They were the relaxing, reflective ones that
recharged spirit and soul to recapture life.

Today, I salute summer and celebrate 
the summerscape moments of 2016.
I am reminded of summer's sea breeze, 
cooling the steamy heat that scorched soles.
I celebrate the sand-between-the-toes' feeling
of playful waves splashing shore to bury feet.
I celebrate summer's spectacular light shows
that lit inked skies and blanketed earth 
in cascading arrays of vibrant color.
I celebrate family and friends who gathered
to find the essence of leisure time and 
bountiful tables of summer tastes.
I celebrate the time to indulge my passions,
writing late at night or early in the morning. 
I salute sun, travel, and new adventures
that took me from Long Island to Las Vegas,
the Grand Canyon, and Central New York. 
The list is endless and the experiences many.
Summer took a bow but it has not walked out.
Summer lingers in the air, the sea-salt taste, and 
in a small jar of beach sand that reads Imagine.

Good by, precious summertime. I trust that you have handed autumn an itinerary of adventures to link up with its lust for life. I celebrate all that your season and the next offer. 

I celebrate a writing-kind-of-weekend with Ruth Ayres and the Celebrate This Week blogging community. I thank Ruth for the space to let thoughts meet paper each week so voice rises.  

I am nearing the end of the design phase of my new gallery, Summerscapes. When it is unveiled, I hope that my colleagues will applaud the writers from around the world who contributed.

You can access last summer's gallery, Summer Splashings, here.

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