Monday, October 24, 2016


This day - with gratitude,
I carry her memory in my heart,
wrapped in finely-crafted designs
displayed in loving tribute in my
home and retrieved in dreams.
I touch the palms she wove,
creations she designed,
hearts she touched-

©CV, a grateful daughter, 2016

I thank Michelle Barnes, the creator of Today's Little Ditty challenge and poet Kenn Nesbitt for creating the following challenge: Write a poem for your mother. Write it for your mother and give it to her. It can be any kind of poem you like, as long as it’s especially for her. 

For those interested in seeing the October challenge and Michelle's interview with Kenn Nesbitt, please click here. You can find other's poetry on the topic on Michelle's October 2016 padlet.

While I cannot give this poem to my mother for she passed away in 2009, she is ever-present in my life. Looking back on a life of service is what I think about when I remember her. With love I dedicate these poems to send Mom's love back into the world. 

Thank you, Michelle for providing the space to create a living tribute to my Mom who was lovingly known by the neighborhood children as Grandma Kay. 

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