Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Finding Fall Quest

Now that the season has changed, I have been contemplating a new direction that will lead me to wonder more while I wander through fall? But first, I am seeking fall in his glory, ablaze with color, so I can capture the season. All I found so far are yellow-tinged leaves that drifted down and carpeted my sidewalks after two days of storms. 

I remember past autumns and am looking forward to similar scenes from friends around the globe. The following is from 
Autumn's Palette Gallery that you can view here.

Has fall dropped its calling card with fire-red and umber colors in your community? Are the squirrels scampering around looking for acorns to store? If so, perhaps you will join me on a finding fall quest that brings a sense of wonder that nature offers each day.

Now that the first leaves have touched the ground in my neighborhood, I am inspired by feelings of wonderlust, the urge to move from my daily routines in search of new directions and adventures inspired by the colors of nature. My thoughts drift from home to winding hiking trails, peaked mountains, abundant apple orchards, colorful pumpkin patches, and sumptuous vineyards where autumn offers a variety of memory-making day or short stay trips.

I'm ready to wander, wonder, and enjoy the fall season? 
Are you? 

Consider taking an autumnventure with me as I embrace the wonderlust spirit and find fall. I'm ready to find the majesty of autumn as it continues to boldly make its appearance. I hope you join me in my finding fall quest.

I openly invite my Slice of Life friends to capture fall in their locale or on the minications and join me in coloring the world with autumn's joy. 

Please visit Two Writing Teachers here for Slice of Life Tuesday.

Some slicers have graciously offered their digital inspirations to previous galleries I have created. You may recognize some names among the writers who graced Summerscapes. I applaud their efforts.

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