Sunday, October 9, 2016

October Greetings

Dear Mother Nature,

October snuck up me this year. Being caught up in designing my Summerscapes Gallery and still enjoying the feel of summer seemed a priority until I realized that all of a sudden Columbus Day Weekend was here. Perhaps it seems odd to you that I would still be celebrating the summer season while other parts of the northeast are greeting autumn. Truth has it that I was having a difficult time saying goodby to Long Island's beautiful summer season. Because the weather has been so temperate lately, I forgot the heated days of July and August, the mosquitos that were pesky, and the lawn turning a brownish shade with the lack of rain. But those details paled in comparison to the walks on the beach listening to the waves roar. With each entry I added to the Summerscapes Gallery I seemed to linger in summer a little bit more. Can you begrudge me this small delight? 

Recently, I caught glimpses of your fall fashion sense with a few different colored leaves making their appearance. Now with my summer gallery unveiled, I decided it was time to coax you, Mother Nature, into waving your magical wand and transforming my neighborhood into a tapestry of color. Afterall, October is here now and I want to celebrate the beginning signs of autumn on Long Island. Since you have not debuted your autumnal dance of leaves I am shifting my focus to creating a fall-like ambiance both inside and outside my home. 

While designing a new seasonal look, I try to imagine how you will grace the earth with color this fall. After several hours spent transforming my home, both indoors and outdoors, into a setting fit to announce your debut, fashionista that you are, I am pleased.

Nature's runway show begins-
October dresses in gold hues,
the grand diva that she is.

Fashionistas line leafed paths
Parading in regal style
as Autumn takes center stage.

Leafed in fall's majestic train,
Autumn whispers to the wind.
Color guards stand in salute.
©CVarsalona, 2016

Mother Nature, I hope you will take the time to create a vivid setting, as you have in the past, and showcase autumn ablaze in glory. Until we meet again, I thank you for listening to my October greetings and inspiring me to create. 

Your Admirer

I had fun celebrating the transition into fall this week after unveiling my summer gallery, Summerscapes that you can access hereTo honor all the voices that contributed to the gallery, I ask that you take a small portion of your time to peruse it. Besides that please visit Ruth Ayres's site here to read how other bloggers are celebrating their week.

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