Friday, October 7, 2016

Visiting Summerscapes Gallery

Yesterday, #WorldTeachersDay not only honored the world's educators but marked the unveiling of my Summerscapes Gallery with connected voices from around the globe. It was fitting to use this day to launch an inspired gallery of voices showcasing the power of poetry and nature as an inspirer of thought. 

As a committed advocate of #poetrylove, I believe that poetry is a dynamic and rich form of expression. I create my poetry galleries to be universal connectors of emotions and feelings with "voice" as a powerful channel into the world. Each creative expression in the galleries gives credence to the beauty of language and the rich intent of the message. 
It is my hope that this Summerscape Gallery, along with the other galleries, will be used as mentor texts for students studying the art of poetry as a means to notice and wonder more about life, explore their feelings, and collaborate with peers to create expressive offerings.
It is the challenge of the world's teachers, as guides and coaches, to actively engage students in passion-filled classrooms of joyful learning, where voice is honored and becomes evidence of the synthesis of learning. Teachers provide students with choice that lead them toward inquiry paths where creativity is promoted and fluidity of ideas developed. Creative, mini-laboratories of poetic thought, open students' eyes to notice life with intensity. From small moment encounters with nature, words can easily be spun from organic thoughts into beautiful tapestries to be shared publicly.

The strength of global voice is evident in this Summerscapes Gallery. Over 60 voices contributed to showcase savored summer moments. Approximately one-third of this group are Poetry Friday friends who joined me in offering #digipoetry, artistic expressions, and nature photography. If you believe in the magic of summerscape moments as inspirational times to be savored, then you will understand that summertime's sweet summer life has not closed with the appearance of the Fall Equinox. It is living here in the halls of the gallery, greeting those who hear its call. 

Through a variety of digital tools, this #digital #inspiration/ #imagepoem/piece of #digipoetry has been created as an example of what can be seen in the galleries I design. Digital tools are enticers to excite learners of all ages to engage in  the "play" aspect of creation.

I invite you to join me in future endeavors to promote the positivity of poetry. 

For now, please join Poetry Friday: Poetry Camp edition. My poetry friend and contributor to my galleries, Violet Nesdoly, is the host this week.  In her post, you can hear a recap of a marvelous learning opportunities many of the Poetry Friday friends experienced last weekend. You can access Violet's blog here

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