Thursday, October 13, 2016

Invitation to Autumnventure Gallery

While on a quest to find fall on Long Island, I stumbled upon an interesting news article, "Change Agents-Cover Story," in the New York Post on October 12, 2016. The headline read, "Daring new looks for a season that's layered in effortless luxury." As I pondered the thought and read through the article, I saw more than clothing trends as the main topic. I focused on the season of autumn as the dazzling component.

A found poem emerged from the short piece and a follow-up creative project for my newest gallery, Autumnventure. Enjoy my DIY fun and the open invitation to create digital inspirations alongside me for the gallery. 

From Article to Found Poem
to Digital Inspiration
Autumn Cover Story
to Creative DIY Decorating Project

#PoetryLove is Present!

Knowing full well that Autumn is a change agent that transitions us to a new season of adventures, I invite you to create a digital offering (from the options below) that proclaims the majesty of autumn for my newest gallery, Autumnventure. Embrace the wonderlust spirit and find fall with me. Capture the fall season in your locale or on a minication and color the world with autumn joy! 

By November 19, 2016, I will collect all offerings of photographs, original artwork, inspirational quotes, short videos, audio readings of original short poems, and music titles that showcase Autumn as a change agent. All submissions must have your name and locale at the bottom and sent in the right format. (See below.)

What Do You Need to Do?
  • Be creative. Capture your autumn adventure using an option of your choice. (Free images are available from,, or 
  • If you create an imagepoem/digitpoetry, write a poem or poetic expression. Then, superimpose your words on the image using a photo editing tool, like PicMonkey or Canva.
  • Sign the digital composition you offer with your name and location.
  • Post your digital expression in jpeg form (450 pixels is the best size) using the following hashtags on Twitter: #Autumnventure and @cvarsalona.
  • Send your jpeg offering to @cvarsalona at gmail with the subject heading, Autumnventure

Student Voice (#stuvoice) for Autumnventure Gallery-please encourage your students to engage in this creative writing/artistic project to showcase their talents and amplify their voices.

Previous Galleries: 

If you have not perused the  latest global gallery, Summerscapes, you can access it here. At the bottom of the gallery you will find links to the others. Last year's fall gallery, Autumn's Palette, can be accessed here.

Enjoy the experience of finding fall and sharing it with a global audience. Thank you for considering this creative challenge.

Now please join the charming children's poet, Irene Latham, at Live Your Poem for the Scarecrow Wish Poetry Friday Roundup here. Irene has created an original poem for the occasion.

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