Friday, August 4, 2017


Let Nature be your teacher!
-William Wordsworth

The #10FoundWords poetry project created by Laura Shovan in February continues. As host for August's event at Facebook, my thoughts turn to the quietness of the woods in Reston, Virginia where I visited my then six-week old granddaughter last week. In the evenings, the family took nature walks acquainting Sierra with the forest animals and sounds. One morning from the house at the edge of the trail, I sat overlooking the greenery and trees that soared into the sky. The serenity of the scene brought thoughts of nature as a teacher.

With this memory in mind, I explored articles to use as the reading for the #10Words poetry project. From the Center for Parenting Education, I offer "Nature and Children-A Natural Fit" with the following 10 words to be used to create an original poem. 
The words are featured in the above digital inspiration I created.

Let Nature Be Your Teacher

In morning light, 
trails at woods' edge
invite life to awaken.
Nature conducts its chorus.  
Inspiration floats in,
 whispering through soaring trees.
Wisps of soft breeze slip
through heavy vegetation.
Birds stir, sweeping the sky.
With hands outstretched,
nature welcomes exploration
indulging children's curiosity
with sights and sounds from
the great outdoors.
Summertime speaks,
"Let nature be your teacher.
See with new eyes.
Breathe in forest's fragrance.
Let nature fill your senses.
Observe morning dew on the grass.
Meander through curving trails,
creatively stationed for observation.
Relax in the coolness of shaded bliss.
Then, return at dusk to listen
to sweet night sounds 
lullaby you to sleep."
You are the future stewards of earth.
Cherish the land.
Listening, I think that's what the earth says.*
©CV, 2017

*William Stafford's final line of his poem, "In Response to a Question"
Posted by Irene Latham

Photo by Devin Hartnett, 2017,
McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area, Maryland

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