Saturday, August 5, 2017

Celebrate Summer Moments

I found my true north this summer,
drifting lazily during dog day afternoons 
under the spell of sunkissed dreams.

Life found me this summer,
under a canopy of trees, 
at ocean's shore,
or water's edge.

called my name,
inviting awakening
from summer heat.

Forty-one years of marriage
and grandmotherhood -
new states of being.

I listened.
Joy entered
surf to shore

and through
a baby's smile.

I celebrate summer moments this week.
What are your sunkissed summer moments?

If interested in sharing your creativity, join me at my summer gallery, #SunkissedSummer. The invitation is here.

I share my joy this week with Ruth Ayres and 
the Celebrate This Week writing community.

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