Saturday, August 12, 2017

Curve Ball

Has life ever thrown you a curve ball when you least expect it? 

Life is fragile and uncertain and you can't predict when the curve balls come your way. I have seen many a curve ball in my life but this spring into summer has brought a few new ones. Curve ball #1 was thrown out in the late spring just before our first grandchild was to be born. My husband had a horrible case of shingles. The pain was intense and constant, localized around the eyes. The eye specialist and internist wanted him isolated. That news sent shock waves. How would we see our grandchild when she was born? Our faith was tested but we managed to get through that ordeal and travel to see our sweet granddaughter right after she entered the world.

Now, a new crisis has risen. It appeared suddenly and without warning. This time the pain is more excruciating that the shingles virus. It radiated from my husband's lower back and down into his leg that became numb. There have been three days of doctor visits, tests, and no let up in the pain. We are now faced with the reality that my husband may not be able to travel to Cape May for our summer holiday weekend with our grandbaby. 

It is interesting that this week I wrote about life living moments. While this is not a joyful time, it is a real life living moment. Many people experience times of crisis. They are part of life. The hard part is that these moments rob the joy (temporarily). While medical problems are tests of faith, they are also opportunities to work through the struggle. 

I may have sunk into the depths of the muddy water over this matter but I know that this is not where I want to stay. As I searched the internet for positive thoughts, I found this wonderful quote by Maya Angelou that has steered me in the right direction.

Tonight, I decided to celebrate the curve balls in life, rather than feel defeated, using positivity and faith as my lifelines. Reflection and writing seem to be ways for me to rise above the funk. Tomorrow morning starts a new day of hope!

It's time to Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres, so I use this post as a guiding piece for a new day. 

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