Thursday, August 24, 2017

Golden Shovel Fun

We do not see nature with our eyes, 
but with our understandings and our hearts.”
–William Hazlett

You may have heard the thought, "something borrowed, something new". A golden shovel poem embodies this thought. I am borrowing William Hazlett's quote to create golden shovel poems. On line two of each poem, I have used the first word of the quote, we, as the ending thought of the line and so on. I must admit that this quote presented challenges for me but I am willing to share what I have. If you can offer suggestions, I will honor them. 

While watching the waves sweep to shore, 

my mind reflected on the "we"
of our present lives. Do
we imagine life as a series of challenges, not
noticing the bounty of what we see
from the arms of nature?
Do we only feel with
superficial emotions; are our
sunkissed moments overlooked by weary eyes
searching for dreams fulfilled? But
what if we step back, reflect, and feel with
the depth of our
longings and understandings?
Can we then seek positivity and
tranquility, realizing  our
minds should listen to our hearts?


 While watching the waves sweep to shore,
A Maureen Gallace oil painting at MoMA PS 1
my mind reflected on the "we"
of our literate lives.  Do
 we imagine classrooms of glitter but do not
dig deep enough to see
the glow of nature
and connected relationships with
our students and colleagues? Is our
instruction unaware of glazed-over eyes
of unengaged learners? But
if this is so, step back and reflect; feel with
the spirit of connected educators. Our
passions and understandings
can be crafted into teachable moments and
delivered to learners. Remember, our
students deserve great teachers with joyful hearts.



wanders in and out
of churning emotions,
sweeping the sky
while looking for
landing spaces.


It's time for Poetry Friday. My colleague Jone MacCulloch is hosting today at her blog site, Check It OutBelow are two image poems Jone offered to my #SunkissedSummer Gallery. Thank you, Jone, for hosting and supporting my global gallery. 

REMINDER: I am collecting all submissions for Sunkissed Summer by the end of the month. Here is a tip. In order for me to embed your digital composition in the gallery, it needs to be 450 pixels. 

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  1. It was really helpful to see the underlines of your poem to see how you played with the line structure thank you!