Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Living in close proximity to New York City has offered remarkable experiences over the years but I have never explored the Museum of Modern Art. For our recent anniversary, I suggested to my husband that we visit the museum site in Long Island City for an afternoon of culture. 

Not knowing anything about the museum other than what I read on the website, we were pleasantly surprised by the variety of the exhibits, the designs, and the mediums used. "MoMA PSI devotes its energy and resources to displaying the most experimental art in the world." The first installation in the courtyard was a life-size art in motion structure, Lumen by Jenny Stabin Studio with cooling mists at various stations. 

Next, we found a wall slumpie that greets museum goers as soon as you enter the restored building. As you can see below it is living art that can be explored and sat upon. We were fascinated by the animated Emissaries collection by Ian Cheng that he calls "live simulations" and spent time in a room that had us wearing special glasses to explore 3 D dimensions as if they were standing in front of us. 

Rollercoaster by Jordan Kasey, life size artwork,  presented protagonists in constant motion.

Maureen Gallace's Clear Day oil painting exhibit that spanned many rooms brought me to a place of stillness. 

Meandering through diverse creations,
Eyes explore a world of art in motion
Where intricate installations
open doors to reflective thinking.
©CVarsalona, 2017

It was an anniversary to remember as the day ended with a delightful dinner at Villa D'Aqua on the Bellmore Canal in Long Island.

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers.

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