Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Celebrating Baby's 1st Summer Holiday

The sky warms summer sands
with brilliant light
just as a sweet baby's 
smile warms hearts.
...and so the story unfolds
of a first summer holiday
with a precious granddaughter.
The sun kissed shore each morning
and the crescent moon
cradled baby to sleep.
In between, family gathered
to celebrate life!
Each moment
was a cherished celebration
so now, I sit back
baby's first 
Cape May summer holiday.
Life is meant to be spent 
with those who give you their heart
and you give yours in return.


Tonight, I celebrate with writing colleagues who value writing from the heart: Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres and Slice of Life with Two Writing Teachers. 

The beauty of Cape May provides a backdrop for wonder. You can see more photos from a 2015 mini-vacation here

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