Sunday, August 6, 2017


Within the dim lit room a peace settled; a celebration brewed. Participants came together as a community. The yoga teacher took her position guiding, modeling moves, and providing support, and so it began - a two hour yoga celebration of joy. 
Flor Villazan at Come Together Yoga Studio

Prior to entering the room, I wondered if I had the stamina to make it through two hours. My muscles ached from the return to yoga after vacationing but I was willing to try. With determination, I engaged in each move in the best way I could. I monitored my speed, listened to the cues my body was giving, and did not hesitate to keep trying. 

For a brief moment, as I moved in and out of poses, my mind interrupted the flow. The word stamina surfaced. It was the prompt word for DigiLit Sunday and I was planning on writing about it. Realizing that it was stamina that I needed, I took in a fresh breath and continued. The energy in the room and the passion of the teacher provided the stimuli to finish strong and celebrate along with the others.

Come Together Yoga Studio, Long Island
Today, I reflect upon the two-hour experience and relate it to teaching. 
  1. What does it take to build a culture of trust and engagement? You need an air of positivity, care for humanity, choices, and belief in the human spirit. In the yoga studio a positive environment was established, community honored, choices provided, and the teacher believed in each participant's ability.
  2. What does it take to sustain a task? For learners, it takes confidence, determination, support, and stamina. 
  3. How do we encourage learners to engage in tasks that may be difficult? Teachers full of passion are the guides on the journey. They enter the learning space with enthusiasm and provide the support needed. As in yoga, teachers instruct, model, release responsibility to the learner, guide, and support. Learners respond to the varied moves in a culture of trust and sharing because they are honored as unique individuals with individual needs. 
  4. Why should we celebrate the difficulties and frustrations of learning? Learning is a celebration of moves that lead to accomplishment. Whether the success is small or great, learners should be applauded for their contributions within the learning space. 
Today, I join Margaret Simon and the DigiLit Sunday writing community on the topic of stamina. My takeaways from the yoga session (where I clearly needed stamina) are: to succeed as a learner, determination, persistence, and practice are needed. Understanding that practice is a step toward progress, not perfection allows each learner to become an active participant in a non-judgmental atmosphere. 

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