Saturday, August 19, 2017

Grandbaby Love

Grandbaby love is like no other love. It is a connection of heart, mind, and spirit as simple as a little hand, soft in touch, locking with another or a tiny head nestling on a shoulder. Being a new grandmother, I now understand the bond that exists with a little one. I think back on the connection with my own Nonnie and my mother's intense love for her two grandchildren as models of grandmother love.

Sierra Kathryn, my first grandchild, came into our lives nine weeks ago and has brought great joy to our family. She is a true blessing, that can't be denied! While not with her in Virginia, photos and videos provide instant connection and a deepening of love.   

her radiating smile,
touches long-distant hearts,
bringing love homeward
©CV, 2017

This week, I received Sierra Kathryn's photo shoot pictures. It was with anticipation that I opened the link to the professional photographs. I would like to share some of the precious, Anne Geddes-like moments with you. You will see how easy it is for a single photo to spread joy. 

a quilt of photos
tucked inside a heart
comforts and warms the soul
©CV, 2017

Today, I celebrate grandbaby love with Ruth Ayres and the Celebrate This Week Community. Please visit Ruth's site to see Ruth's forever family photos and read other celebrations of the week. 

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