Monday, August 21, 2017

Pre-Solar Eclipse Thoughts

It's just hours away from an amazing natural phenomenon. 

A total solar eclipse will occur but Long Island will not be in its direct path. In my area, Newsday is reporting "the moon will slowly slip in front of the sun about 1:20 p.m. and cover about 70 percent  of it by 2:45 p.m." While no one is to look directly at the sun, it is the hope of many to experience a change in the way the sky appears. 

Across the United States, people are preparing for this grand celestial event in different ways.  Since I will not see the full effect of the eclipse, I decided to immerse myself in the experience in several ways since creativity comes in spurts

😎 I traveled to the beach last night to watch the sun go down. Different shades of sky formed right before my eyes. I immersed myself in the experience, noticing, wondering, and taking photographs. While this does not compare to watching the solar eclipse, I wanted to have the sensation of observing the effect of sky changes on my thoughts.

😎 As part of the extension of the 5th Annual February Daily Poem Project, a colleague, Jone MacCulloch, chose the solar eclipse as the topic for her special school activity. She asked that we create an original poem based on the NASA posting (you can find it here) using the following ten words: solar, obscure, corona, interconnected, luminosity, eclipse, collect, charged, shadow, understanding. She also asked permission to share the poems we create with her staff for a professional development workshop. 

😎  I will watch the David Muir special starting at 1 p.m. today.

😎 Now, I'm off to compose my post for Wonderopolis' Wonder Ground using the Wonder of the Day 1658, "What's the Difference Between a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse" as the basis of a lesson. (I changed the Wonder of the Day text for the Wonder Bundle lessons to Wonder of the Day, #1956 Why Can't You Look Directly at the Sun?  You can find The Great American Eclipse-Wonder Bundle #5 hereTeachers, please join me there. 

Enjoy the solar eclipse today!

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