Tuesday, March 26, 2019

March Musings '19: Grandbaby’s Spring Surprise

Today, I realized it is getting much harder to leave my family in Virginia after one of our visits. My 21-month-old grandbaby is absolutely delightful to be around so we want to enjoy every minute of our time together. Yesterday, she surprised us when my husband, son, and I went on a nature walk outing. She started conversing in her usual baby babbling way but this time we understood what she was saying. What a treat!


"Yes, Sierra, we do hear the birds and the doggies. Grandpa heard a woodpecker."

"Birdies, tweet-tweet. Doggies, woof-woof."

Then, she stopped and pointed to the sky,  excited to exclaim, "Planes".

We were really surprised by her new set of words: animals and planes.

Sierra continued amazing us while we walked the path. She was intrigued by everything she saw. "Wa-wa", she excitedly shouted as she jiggled across the bridge. She wondered where the fish and beaver were after we told her they live there. Further down the path, she walked through muddy areas, touched some strewn pieces of twigs, and showed me her new pink gloves that got dirty. I marveled at her awareness of nature.

We returned back to the quiet house, reflecting on what we noticed, wondered, and found. A beautiful arrangement of forsythia and daffodils growing wildly in the woods were our dinner table gift. 


On the ride home today, I started recalling our walk, the following thoughts emerged and fashioned themselves into a #haikuforhope sequence.

noticing nature
reflecting on springtime sounds-
babbling brook and child

life strikes a balance
we walk in nature's shadow-
lingering in love

excitement mounts
spring shares its earthy colors-
nature's artwork shines

daffodils + forsythia = early spring slice of nature (equation poem)

Day 26 of 31 days of writing
March Slice of Life Story Challenge


  1. It is so special when babbling becomes understood communication. How wonderful for you!

    1. Since we live 5+ hours away, we love every minute of our visits with our little one. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I haven't seen my grandson in Virginia since November. It's so hard to live far away. Love this glimpse into Sierra's newest vocabulary. Going on walks with little ones is the best. Love the line "lingering in love."

    1. Ramona, where in Virginia does Teddy live? Maybe one day, we can all meet up in Virginia with the children. That would be a great F2F meet-up. Do you plan to go to NCTE19 this year? That is so close to Virginia. I definitely agree that it is so heard to live far away from our grandbabies. Thanks for sharing my afternoon with Sierra.