Sunday, March 24, 2019

March Musings '19: Wearing of the Green

Each year, my hometown celebrates St. Patrick's Day in style. There is the wearing of the green and I don't mean just green sweaters, ties, and kilts. A few weeks before the parade, the main street on the parade root is painted with green stripes and decorated with Irish flags. Everyone knows this indicates that the parade is soon to start. 

The parade is a joyous celebration. Families line up to see the fire engines, police cars, and the bagpipe players. I especially like to watch the kilted musicians playing favorite tunes. This is a day when everyone is Irish. Obviously, I live in village that is filled with many Irish families. As our young priest noted in church several weeks ago, there are at least 500 families with common Irish names. Naturally, the wearing of the green is popular in Rockville Centre where the village townsfolk are proud to have a grand parade each year.

This year, I happened to come out of yoga in time to see the bagpipe players followed by a biker group on their motorcycles. The children in front of me were clapping with joy. There were smiles, laughing, and long lines of marchers.

The parade is an intergenerational good time. Take a look at the photos I took. 

St. Patrick's Day

by Eliza Cook

St. Patrick's Day! St. Patrick's Day!
Oh! thou tormenting Irish lay—
I've got thee buzzing in my brain,
And cannot turn thee out again.
Oh, mercy! music may be bliss
But not is such a shape as this,
When all I do, and all I say,
Begins and ends in St. Patrick's Day.

You can read the rest of the poem here.

Day 24 o.f 31 days of writing
March Slice of Life Story Challenge


  1. This celebration looks like such fun! I love the photos you captured. The term "intergenerational" is inspiring - we need more experiences that bring folks of all ages out together!

    1. Hi, Holly. Thanks for joining me here. \I was not at the parade for the entire time because I had PT and yoga but I watched participants gathering and joined in to see my favorite part of the parade. This parade is always a crowd pleaser for all ages.