Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Taking Walks: Self-Care_SOLSC 25

I walked silently through the neighborhood when I came upon a beautiful sight, clumps of brightly colored daffodils. Thinking about Wordsworth's poem, I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud, I penned my own thoughts. 

Finding solace in nature, I, like many others, are talking walks to smell the fresh air and talk to neighbors from a distance. How are you coping during #QuarantineLife? My wish for all: Stay safe during these trying times. 

Each year since March 2015, I have engaged in Two Writing Teacher's Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. Slicing allows me to ponder life, literacy, and learning, capturing small moments poetically through writing, photography, and digital art. Welcome to Day 25 of 31 days of writing with Two Writing Teachers. 


  1. Bright yellow daffodils bring sunshine wherever they are. Here it is gray. It is raining. I look out my window and see daffodils in bloom and I smile.

    1. I am glad for the daffodils that popped up in my backyard, too. Just one bunch but you don't need much to brighten a dark day (that we have also). Stay well.