Tuesday, March 3, 2020

March Musings 2020: Friendship_SOLSC 3

The smell of fresh simmering soup wafted out from the kitchen.
Memories seeped out from corners within the house.
We congregated, tinkled glasses, broke bread,
relived the joys and trials of years past.
Binding friendships never tarnish
in the parade of life. They
grow with each candle
added to the
©CV, 2020

No matter the distance between friends, there is and always will be
 a lasting connection.

Each year since March 2015, I engage in Two Writing Teacher's Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. 
Slicing allows me to ponder life, literacy, and learning, capturing small moments poetically
through writing, photography, and digital art. 

Day 3 of 31 days of writing March Slice of Life 2020 Story Challenge


  1. I love the shape of your poem, Carol. Special friends make special memories.

    1. Thank you, Leigh Anne, for commenting on my shape poem. I tried many times to format it so that it points to the digital artwork poster.

  2. Friendship grows as time marches on. There is a comfort and ease when friends gather together no matter how much time has passed or distance separates.

    1. I truly believe that. Friends who are true friends always seem to share the good and the bad aspects of life with a caring attitude. Even Twitter colleagues who are not face-to-face acquaintances can be called friends if they communicate with respect and provide support.

  3. I love this-so simple, yet is speaks volumes. I also love the shape!

  4. I love this celebration of lasting friendship, such a gift!

  5. What an unusual shape. Friendships that last through time ,even when not always together, are special.