Saturday, March 28, 2020

#WaterPoemProject_SOLSC 28

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans. -Khalil Gibran

While pondering the above quote from one of my favorite poet-philosopher-writer, Khalil Gibran, I realized the impact of the ocean on my life and mindset. During restless times, I stand at the shoreline where soothing waters bring a sense of calm. I listen to crashing waves roar as screeching seagulls soar in the sky. I watch the radiance of the sun creating glistening diamonds in the water. My senses fill my mind with peace. 

This morning I am left only with the visions of these beach sights for the boardwalk is now closed. While I understand the reasoning behind this move, I regret that the ocean is not available for peaceful walks and wandering thoughts, so needed during #QuarantineLife.

Yesterday, I turned to Laura Shovan's #WaterPoemProject for a bit of #quarentainment peace of mind. I started with Day 5's prompt, Taste of Water, created by my Louisiana poet teacher/slicer friend, Margaret Simon. Recalling a beautiful nature walk at the Marine Nature Study Area nearby, I created two image poems embedded in the same peaceful nature photo I took during my family walk. As the birds soared into the sky that day, I felt a lift, a surge of peace.

Today, I visit another wonderful poet/writer of children's books, another friend, Irene Latham at her Day 1 prompt, The Language of Water, at the #WaterPoemProject. Irene asks us to consider "how water speaks using onomatopoeia and/or dialogue to imagine a conversation with water. 

You trickle. I listen.
The distant rumble of the news flows like water.
You ooze with stillness. I come to your resting spot,
mirroring an image under the shining sun.
You sway with ripples of peace-a cool breeze passes.
A world beyond your waters knows discontent,
shrieking with incessant safety precautions,
"Wash your hands". But you lay quiet
in the same world, sharing your space with those
burdened who seek restful waterside peace.
Come swish your fears away in my waters.       -  © CVarsalona, 2020, Long Island, NY.        

Each year since March 2015, I have engaged in Two Writing Teachers' Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. Slicing allows me to ponder life, literacy, and learning, capturing small moments poetically through writing, photography, and digital art. Welcome to Day 28 of 31 days of writing with Two Writing Teachers. 

*Please note the following statement from Laura Shovan: With so many schools closed or meeting online, I am adapting this project for kids. And to make it extra special for everyone during this stressful time, I have invited some author and poet friends to create the writing prompts for us!


  1. Love that line - "Come swish your fears away in my waters." Water provides me a sense of calm, too. I'm hoping to drive to the ocean later today.

  2. Water...calming, cleansing, healing, quenching. One life source with many huge benefits.

  3. These are all beautiful, Carol. I love "nature's cooling elixer." So soothing.

  4. This is the second water poem post I encountered today. Water (for me the sea) and poetry both have a positive effect on me. You chose well to call water the "nature's cooling elixir".

    1. Thanks, Terje. The sea is also my spiritual place. With the closing of the boardwalk, I have to imagine my beautiful sea. Tonight, I finished my slice. Thinking about creating a found poem of comments (like yours), I ended up created a modified version. Thanks for the idea.

  5. I'm glad you are enjoying the water poem project prompts. I am, too. It's a way to connect through poetry at a time when we need connection.

    1. Connection is the operative word. I am sorry to hear that Louisiana is being hit with COVID-19 as NYC and Long Island are rising in numbers. Stay well, Margaret.