Thursday, April 2, 2020

Coping During the Crisis

Unprecedented times. Weather switches from a dull gray to slivers of color. I look out my window, noticing some movement. A mother takes her child for a bike ride. Walkers cautiously walk apart from each other. Feral cats cuddle together on top of my outdoor bench.  Spring has arrived  Evening news brings grim reports for New York State. An invisible virus strikes out like a venomous snake spewing its toxin. Families cope in different ways. Mine paused last week on March 27, 2020, when Pope Francis addressed the world from St. Peter's Basilica. He offered hope for all to navigate the COVID19 crisis. 
From his calming words, I created a poem. 

Lift your days in
prayer and quiet service-
these are your 
victorious weapons.
Know that
faith begins when we 
are in need of salvation.
Pause, recognizing 
we need the Lord 
like ancient navigators
needed the stars.
God's strength
reawakens solidarity
and hope, giving 
strength to these hours.
He is the guide
through the storm.
©CV, 2020

Hush, silence stirs our hearts as the velvet darkness envelops us each night. It is the pause time when we give gratitude for family life and all the heroes who lift others each day with their quiet service. With faith, I cope during this crisis, hoping for renewal that Easter will bring shortly.

Thank you, poet friend, Donna Smith, for hosting Spiritual Journey Thursday this month who is looking forward to reading some "Joyful Stuff in Trying Times".


  1. Carol, this is a beautiful prayer for these days. May each of us look for ways to serve and help each other through this crisis. I hope you and your family stay safe. The news from New York is hard to even comprehend.

  2. I was so moved just by the scene of Pope Francis praying alone, where there would have been a crowd ... your found poem is empowering in its quiet strength and eternal truths. We do need the Lord to navigate like the ancients needed the stars ... all else may change but He does not. Majestic reminder of that today, Carol. I will reread this post often. It imbues me with courage and peace.

    1. Fran, your comment is uplifting and reminds me that one thought begets another and so on. If my message can impact others than I will continue to seek messages that bring peace and tranquility at a time when faith and hope are so needed. I was able to take photos of the Holy Father and fortunate to receive his virtual blessing. So much has changed and fears heightened since then. The blessing is a sacred one that provides me with strength. Stay safe, my friend.

  3. Carol: Thank you for this lovely found poem and for your hopeful sentiments. We will get through this, but it is definitely testing our mettle. "God's word reawakens solidarity..." That is my prayer as well. Please visit me at: My blessings to you and yours for a safe and healthy solitude.

  4. A found prayer...what a lovely idea. And, Pope Francis is the real deal. Isn't he? I love his calm and his gentle reminder of where to look for guidance. What a grounding you offer today. Thank you.

  5. Carol, I read your found poem this morning and then the day took over, groceries delivered by daughter, housekeeping, meal prep, my daily walk, our nightly routine of one show. I truly love my walks, they ground me and surround me with the beauty of the earth. I love how you took the words of St. Francis to create your poem. "He (God) is the guide through the storm." Thanks, Carol, for these inspired words.

  6. This is a time for pause, like the world hit the pause button. We need God more than ever. Your poem is a beautiful prayer of hope.

  7. Such lovely, comforting words, Carol. Hope is a powerful force right now. Be safe and well, friend.

  8. Thank you, Carol - this is so lovely!

  9. Lots of pausing to pray here and hopefully everywhere. Every time the worry starts to overtake, we need to pause. There is only so much we can do. Why not pause and consider what power we have when we ask God.
    Thanks for the joyful stuff today!

    1. Please consider joining in nationwide prayer each evening for 5 minutes at 9 pm Eastern time. We need to humble ourselves and get down on our knees and ask for God to help us in these times, especially - though that is always a need!