Wednesday, April 8, 2020

#SharingPlanetBeauty-Take Two

In the midst of pandemic fear, a magnificent pink-cherry-blossoming tree sways, breathing peaceful sighs into neighborhood streets. Billowy clouds saunter by. Aromatic smells perfume the swishing air and a white picket fence leans into the sprawling tree like neighbors often do with each other. Passerbys practicing social distancing exchange greetings and give gratitude for nature's enduring beauty. The street almost forgets that an encroaching evil lurks called COVID 19. But the blossoming tree continues to bloom and beautify its property because hope endures.

nature soothes souls
distanced by global distress-
spring sighs peacefully
©CV, 2020, Rockville Centre, NY

Would you like to join my #quarentainment project to flood social media with your own inspirational messages, poetry, and nature photographs on the beauty of nature? Invite your students to offer their stu-voice-artistic expressions. See details at the special invitation here.  Reminder: please send your offering to my Nature Nurtures! padlet and on social media using the hashtag, #NatureNurtures2020 and #Sharing PlanetBeauty.

The image poem of the pink-hued tree is a digitized copy of the photo seen at #NPM20 #SharingPlanetBeauty   It was digitized with the Prisma app to give a different perspective.

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