Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wednesday Thoughts: Quarantine Life

is cloudy, 
as many days are
during quarantine life.
I listen to bird's morning song.
there is a soulful tune to his cooing.
does little bird outside my window feel
earth's sadness or does he sing of hope to come?
©CV, 2020

Molly Hogan, 2020, Maine

a text breaks 
the stillness.
oppressive silence
filling the air.
trying times far away-
grandbaby's fever rises
incessant waiting...
hope lifts
like little bird's
morning song.
©CV, 2020                                                                                  


  1. Two telling poems of our time Carol, thanks for both, and for Molly's gorgeous bird image. I hope the grandbaby in your poem, if it's yours is doing okay.

    1. Michelle, thanks for joining me. Yes the baby is my 3 month old granddaughter. It has been a harrowing week of stress. Her very high fever finally broke today. We are awaiting a rash to appear and that would indiciate roseola. She has been tested for many illnesses and the story of how she got to the ER of the Children's Hospital was a scary journey for my daughter. Hope and faith guide this time.

  2. I, too, find birds hopeful and enjoy that reference in both of your poems. Was one of your granddaughters sick? I imagine that with any illness these days, anxiety is heightened! I hope by now she's well on her way to recovery. Take care!

    1. Molly, your bird photo has been comforting so I thank you for allowing me to share it publicly. My little 3-month-old developed a high fever this week and the doctor insisted on sending her to the emergency room for specific tests. Since we live so far away, the only way we could communicate was through the phone and Zoom. Of course, while at the hospital there are no connections to the outside world. This is another pandemic story that our family will never forget. Aurora was poked and prodded screaming the whole time, so my daughter recounts. We saw her on Zoom the next day. She was exhausted as was her mother after their 5 hr. + experience. The next day was another trip to the pediatrician who needed to figure out what was going on. It might be roseola. My daughter is watching for signs of a rash. Life goes on with hope and faith.