Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Nature Nurtures! Special Invitation

The world is a place we do not recognize now. Silent, somber streets, masked faces, and loneliness exist. But even in the midst of these trying times, mankind is uniting and discovering a new pathway through the muddle. 

As April begins its spring ascent and Easter nears, it is time to recharge our senses. Discover quiet corners to read, write, or bring family together during our #QuarantineLife. Step outside your door, take a walk. Discover nature's beauty and bounty. Practice social distancing and shelter in place during your walk as you uncover what nature holds in its embraceable arms. Raise your voice, list your noticings, pen your poem, or tell your story of determination to heal troubled hearts.
I invite you to join me during National Poetry Month here at my blog and on social media to bring voice and the artistry of nature into focus.  If you supply visuals, original photos of what you see around you as the season opens, nature photography, inspirational quotes, image poems, digital art, and/or poetry, I will share the beauty of this world throughout the month. With the theme, NATURE NURTURES!, a gallery of artistic expressions and stories will evolve to heal troubled hearts and global lands during these challenging times.  
We must remember the healing properties of nature.
Nature Nurtures.
-Sanchita Pandey, Lessons from My Garden

Come together as a global community to let your voices rise with hope and positivity as we fill social media with the glory of nature's healing gifts. All families, educators, students, and community members are invited to join me in this creative endeavor. Student work can be created during remote learning writing or creative activities. Please use the hashtag #NatureNurtures2020 on Twitter where I will curate the collection and add to Nature Nurtures! Padlet that can be found here. All work must have your name and location at the bottom of a 450 px jpeg or png. Deadline: April 30th

Remember nature inspires,
nurtures, and
holds the secrets
to discovering a
positive pathway to peace.


  1. My #ThoreaulyInspired theme for this NPM this year ties in perfectiy with #NatureNurtures! I'll send some along!

    1. Christie, I am excited to see your work. Nature Nurtures is a fitting theme this year. Stay well.