Sunday, April 12, 2020

Solemn Springtime Morn

In the solemn silence of springtime,
a cooing bird sings his morning song.
Light streams golden glints on tinkling chime.
Path softens as creatures walk along.
Earth whispers softly, sweet voices praise
resurrection's gift-nature ablaze!
©CV, 2020

May the blessings of Easter's Resurrection Morn
spread light on everyone's pathway
during our quarantine life.

Thank you, Linda Mitchell, for nudging me to use take the first line of this poem and write a new poem. (This line was an option I wrote for the Kidlithosphere Progressive Poem and not chosen.)


  1. I lost my previous comment! This is lovely, Carol. Happy Easter. Your words and your art paint a perfect vision for today. Janet F.

    1. Janet, thank you for stopping by today. Happy Easter to you. The sun shone brightly this morning nudging me to write a poem of hope for this "new normal" Easter. Linda Mitchell was the one who suggested I use the liine I wrote for the Progressive Poem that was not chosen in a new poem. That's how my Easter day started in peace.

  2. Oh what a good idea!! Did you see Bocelli at 1pm? It was magnificent in its strength and sadness. Hugs to you.

    1. My sister told me about it. I only saw a few minutes but I am going back to see him. Hugs back, Janet.