Monday, April 6, 2020

Earth, Je t'ieme

restful roadside sight
single happening mid-day
hope's sensory lift
©CV, 2020

The combination of poetry and nature are soothing forces during quarantine life that requires shelter-in-place actions. The above sight recalls a photograph I took when traveling for pleasure was allowed. The trees clustered together were so beautiful that needed to capture the happening in a poem for Day 6 of National Poetry Month.

Do you have a love song to Earth you wish to share?
If so, join me during National Poetry Month to lift your voice and bring the artistry of nature to soothe souls during these challenging times. Notice, wonder, create an artistic expression that uncovers the beauty of nature. See details at the special invitation here.  Reminder: Add your offering to my Nature Nurtures! padlet and on social media using the hashtag, #NatureNurtures2020.


  1. I love how poetry can transport us to other places and times.

    1. Thanks for sharing that lovely statement and joining me here. If you have a landscape photo and poetry combination image poem of your locale, I would gladly accept it to adorn the padlet wall and gallery, Kat. Stay safe. Where I live is very close to the epicenter of the virus.