Wednesday, April 22, 2020

#SharingPlanetBeauty_Earth Day 2020

Today is the day to sing your praises to Mother Earth for sharing the planet's beauty.

Happy Earth Day!

"There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth." - Rumi
(quote shared by Hoda Maalouf)


Reasons to kiss the earth:

When winter-in-spring cushions earth with blankets of white

(with inspiration from Michelle I created a haiku)

When the scent of the flowers overwhelmingly fill the air
romantic fragrance
sweetly perfumes earth's garden -
©CV, 2020

(Meredith kindly bottled the scent of the flowers
for a virtual whiff of fragrance while viewers preview the mini-gallery.)

When spring sky sends love

When songs offer messages of hope

This video, Mother Earth, was created by the students of Pokrovsk Pedagogical College.


From sunrise to sunset Earth Day bathed the planet with beauty and civic-mindedness.

Thank you to connected colleagues from across the globe
for their beautiful offerings of love for Planet Earth.

Meredith Johnson
Lori Lite
Hoda Maalouf
Manju Rajput

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