Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Universe Is a Writer

After reading Fran Haley's inspiring blog post, Ode to the Wind, I turned to write a Golden Shovel poem in response to her quote, "The universe Is a writer". There was such a lyrical quality to her prose and sensitivity in her ode that I decided to design a video poem. Unfortunately, the download of the Lumen 5 video did not work well tonight so I am offering the link. You can access the video poem here

Each day I listen to the
undulating sounds of the universe.
Wind whispers its pandemic rage in what-is
fashion as birdsongs call out
morning tune known by you, the writer.
©CVarsalona, 2020

is nearing its end. I have been either writing a poem or curating others' poems daily
for my Nature Nurtures 2020 Gallery of Artistic Expressions. 
You can offer an image poem or nature photo
until the first week of April 2020.


  1. So honored by this beautiful golden shovel and video poem response, Carol - and for your words regarding the post. The universe it always writing on our hearts, in our minds, through nature, through life... as your poem relates. It gives and we give back as writers. Thank you-

  2. (Also, in response to your comment regarding the Ode to the Wind "psithurism" acrostic and photo - I am happy to offer those to the #NatureNurtures Gallery! Thank you once again.)

    1. I am so delighted to have met you, Fran. Your writing soothes my soul and inspired me to create another poem. When you add your comments to Twitter be sure to use this hashtag," #NatureNurtures2020. I needed to add the 2020 at the end just for the gallery.

  3. Carol, you are the queen of marrying text and images...beautifully done here this week.