Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Quarantine Life Video Poem

Yesterday, I wrote a skinny poem series, Look Into the Future, and decided to transform the first stanza into a reflective 38-second video poem. I used the Lumen 5 platform then, uploaded the video to my YouTube channel. You can access the link here.  It's interesting how this quarantine time has left many people pondering what is now and what will be. 

In this new normal place and time, we
find solace in each other's company
in virtual spaces of connection.
We gather to listen to stories,
to be close together 
despite a virus that
spreads and

Video created with Lumen 5.

I join Two Writing Teachers for the last Tuesday of National Poetry Month.
I am grateful for this writing community of distant friends.


  1. I agree that this time makes us all reflective. We do look to each other for solace during this time. Luckily, with technology we have greater options for this. Writing also gives us an outlet for our thoughts and feelings.

    1. I am grateful for your comment today because its another gray day and contact is welcomed.