Saturday, April 4, 2020

New Day, New Strength

"With the new day comes new strength & new thoughts."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Backstory: The other day I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun radiate through the bushes and flowers and seep through my window. Grateful for a colorful day as opposed to the rainy days we have experienced, I penned the above haiku. 

My Intention:
On Day 4 of National Poetry Month, I continue to write and curate poems of hope to populate Nature Nurtures 2020my newest gallery of artistic expressions. My intention is to bring allow poetry and art soothe the soul for all who are saddened and troubled by the darkness that has entered the world with the coronavirus.
I invite you to join me bring voice and the artistry of nature to heal troubled hearts during these challenging times. See the special invitation by clicking here. Reminder to add your offering to my Nature Nurtures! padlet and on social media using the hashtag, #NatureNurtures2020.


  1. Carol, the Eleanor Roosevelt quote leads this off so perfectly. New day, new thoughts; moving forward with hope. Your digital poem illustrates this - a brand-new morning of light and color erasing the grayness. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your governor, and your state, as you battle onward - and especially for the losses. Your Nature Nurtures padlet is a glorious gallery of celebration and hope inviting us to keep seeing beauty. I will look for more ways to contribute. You're always inspiring, always - I learned the "golden shovel" from you and wrote one as a prayer for healing the nations. Thank you for the light you unfailingly shine here.

    1. Send me the link to your golden shovel, Fran. I would love to read that prayer poem that one of the poets gave that name. I really am enjoying our conversations and your beautiful posts and comments. I have to say each one of your comments remind me of what a teacher of literacy should be writing to her students. I am sure your students benefit from your teaching on or off line. Stay well.

  2. It's a mutual joy, Carol! Now more than ever the artistic touch and the eye of faith are needed ... so, the golden shovel ... it's a post, haven't done it as a digital image, but here it is:

    I would love your feedback - thank you for asking. :)

  3. I love "listen to life/whispering in the wind" A beautiful poem, Carol!