Friday, January 29, 2016


In the great expanse of space,
snow crystals
as fragile as life 
delicately dance in patterns,
rhythmically moving-
sometimes colliding,
downwardly descending,
inevitably landing.
Snow crystals
in their fragile state
visibly enter life
and then, depart in 
a flurry of time. 
©CVarsalona, 2016 

You are cordially invited to let your voice flow and be showcased 
at the upcoming online, global gallery of digital expressions

Winter Wanderings

Please offer your perspective of winter from whatever corner of the globe you are viewing it from.

You can access the original invitation here.

Snowflakes, like words, are visible representations of the flow of life.
~Carol Varsalona

Snowflakes: "...the endless repetition of an ordinary miracle."
~Orhan Pamuk, Snow

Please visit the Poetry Friday Round-Up at Catherine Flynn's site, Reading to the Core. Catherine has a wonderful interview with poet Irene Latham about her newest poetry book. One of Irene's statements that resonated with me is "Our goal as poets is to explode the moment" and that she does in her poems.

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