Friday, January 8, 2016

Winter Enters

I start the day reflecting about winter as I begin to take down the holiday decorations. While winter sits softly on a ground of snow in literature and in many spots across the United States, I muse about the bareness of what I see outside. These thoughts of mine are triggered by the removal of the Christmas decorations. While this act brings a bit of sadness to a house that was lit by glowing lights, it also carries with it a sense of expectancy, of what is to come in a new year. 

Before beginning the process, I pause and listen. There is a gentle quiet to the day. A solitary bird flutters among the trees and the sun shines. The world outside is silent as I begin to write in between the day's tasks. Winter has arrived as a bare landscape but the radiator purrs generating heat to warm the chill. Now, on to the task of storing away my Christmas memories ...

Recently, I saw the above mannequin draped in real fir branches in a display. I captured the image and decided to digitalize the photo to become the backdrop for a micropoem. I imagined this lovely lady as a herald of winter, fit to grace any department store window. She is ready to pay tribute to winter and soon to announce a new winter gallery but first, in anticipation, please review last year's collection, Winter Whisperings

It is time to visit Tabatha Yeatts' site, The Opposite of Indifference, for today's Poetry Friday treats.

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