Sunday, January 10, 2016

Being Connected Matters!

Within connected spaces
an electricity explodes.
Voices rise and expand.

Within connected spaces
a collegial spirit swells.
PLNs grow exponentially.

Between connected spaces
multiple regions flatten. 
Tribes come together.

Before connected spaces
voices were in silos.
Joined intermittently.

Change has come:

There is a digital revolution but not everyone is ready. Voice Matters and needs to rise. 

Call To Action:

Practitioners of learning from all walks of life come forward. Join a growing group of positive champions of connected learning. 

Jump onboard. Become digital change agents of a multi-sensory world who actively engage and influence the development of a growth-minded culture of positivity that believes:
  • voice matters
  • failure is an option to move forward
  • student-centered conversations empower learners


You are not alone. There is a growing network of awakeners, connected educators who explore, question, and discover additional avenues to learning by seeing limitless possibilities. You can find them in educational chats on Twitter. They converse, collaborate, blog, and support each other.

Save the Dates:

On January 18th NYEDChat will discuss the topic, Be the Digital Change, with Marialice Curran, the co-founder of the DigCit Summit and #DigCitSummitUK.

Then on January 23, 2016, #DigCitSummitUK will open as a global forum to examine ways to foster "safe, savvy, ethical use of social media and tech" for all. You can access information about this conference at Bournemouth University in England here.

"Digcitsummit is about sparking collaboration and positive digital change." 

Today is DigiLitSunday hosted by Margaret Simon, an open space to discuss digital ideas to transform classroom activities. Please visit Margaret's site where the topic of one word activities for the classroom are being explored. This post reaches out to all to believe (my one word) in the power of connected education to bring about digital change.

Teamwork Counts!
Margaret Simon, Dr. Michele Haiken, Paul W. Hankins, Holly Mueller, Laura Purdie Salas and I comprise a team of committed colleagues from across the United States who have collaborated this past week through Google Docs, direct messaging, gmail, and a Google Hangout to create a proposal for NCTE 16. The topic is Authentic Voice in a Digital World: Using Technology in Our Literate Lives. We value the idea that being connected matters and hope that our voices will be heard. 

Please join me for the #NYEDChat conversation on 1/18/16 and follow my tweets about #DigCitSummitUK on 1/23/16

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