Sunday, January 31, 2016

Celebrating the Messiness of Storms

I wasn't sure how I would present my celebration this week and then I read Ruth Ayres's post at Celebrate This Week on being in the middle of a mess. It is with Ruth's thoughts in mind that I spin my thoughts about coming out smiling from a messy winter storm.

After a weekend full of Snomaggedon's visit to Long Island, life seems to be settling in. Over two feet of snow landed last weekend, making everyone realize that winter has a spunky nature. The winter white scene was an amazing and beautiful sight, but feelings of close quarters and hours of shoveling started getting everyone a bit jittery. Flipping the scene took some maneuvering.

Steps to Create a Positive Perspective:

Step 1: Get Involved
The messiness outside made my entrance way look messy but that is a fact of life when boots track in snow. I decided to get involved with the clean-up as a way to show my commitment to family tasks. Gingerly, I used my arm that is has rotator cuff tears to break up the mounds of snow while my son did the heavy lifting. This occurred in the afternoon after my husband completed the first round of cleanup in the morning.

This was just the beginning of the storm.

Step 2: Provide Sustenance
To fortify all for long stretches of snow shoveling, I cooked hearty meals of turkey chili and chicken soup.

Step 3: Celebrate
Winter white Lexus
compliments the season
After the driveway was shoveled and my husband's car dug out of the mounds of snow, we went off to the dealership in town to choose our new car. In a very bold move on my part, I was able to close a deal in one sitting. My husband's negotiations and my decision to seal the deal was well worth the hour of strong haggling. 

There is residual snow still left in the neighborhoods but today's warm weather started to melt away traces of the blizzard of 2016. Snowmaggedon may have created a messy situation and left some people cranky but persistence and positivity teamed to end the week with feelings of good cheer. With a positive spirit and faith most challenges can be overcome.

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