Friday, January 15, 2016

Winter Creativity

Winter has arrived on Long Island with a chilling wind but no snow-tipped landscapes. There is talk of a dusting coming but for now there are only winter trees standing tall in the still morning. 

Each morning winter trees, 
stark and barren,
boldly frame the sky
saluting daylight.
I watch them dance
to wind's orchestration-
leaning in, bowing down,
swaying, conversing
bidding life to wake.
Howling, they move in rhythm,
not tipped with frost
nor touched by snow,
listening for earth's response.
My mind wanders.
Winter progresses.
©Carol Varsalona, 2016

Today is Poetry Friday and Keri Collins Lewis is hosting. Please visit Keri Recommends where she talks about the book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear and welcomes our ideas on creativity. Since I am ready to embark on a new creative journey for the Reflect With Me Galleries I design, I am eager to share my first thoughts on creativity with Keri.

At some point these ideas will make their way to a new blog post and poem but for now here are my thoughts.
Keri, I appreciate your conversation starter on creativity since I think it is the heartbeat of the innovative classroom and life. What is creativity to me? Creativity is bubbling froth spilling over allowing passion to expand into a delicious, far-reaching feeling. It is a wind chime that greets day to ring in good cheer. It is inside our spirit, within our soul allowing us to find our effervescent qualities and share them in an artful ways. Without creativity life would be devoid of inspiration and innovation. It is the "stuff" dreams are made of-the artist's brush, the poet's words, the dancer's rhythm, and the body's elixir. Creativity has unlimited reach when brought to the surface. It is my heartbeat! 

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