Friday, January 22, 2016

Invitation to Create

There is a calmness about the day. 
A chill exists. It welcomes winter.
There is a dusting on the ground,
glistening sprinklings that sparkle.
There is a howling from the trees
shivering in frenetic movement. 
There is a storm that is coming. 
I am at peace with its calling. 
©Carol Varsalona, 2016

Digital compositions of photographs with poetry or poetic expressions
for the newest Reflect With Me Gallery of Artistic Expressions,
Winter Wanderings

The winter gallery will also feature and accept the following:
Nature photography

Winter has different hues and scenery depending on your locale.
Send your offerings to cvarsalona's email, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

ALL digital compositions must have proper credit for work displayed, name of author, and location.

Preferred size of digital compositions to be no larger than 5x7.

Last year's digital gallery, Winter Whisperings, can be accessed here.

DEADLINE: March 4, 2016


Sneak Preview of the Winter Wanderings' collection:

Lester Laminack's Digital Inspiration

Winter Photo Corner

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to LESTER LAMINACK, author and national literacy consultant, for creating the title of the winter gallery. 


Now please visit Tara Smith's site, A Teaching Life, for the Poetry Friday Round-Up. Tara has a peaceful winter scene and poem waiting for us there.

Stay Warm During the Northeast USA Winter Storm

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