Thursday, January 21, 2016

Be Present and Believe

Today Spiritual Journey Thursday led by Holly Mueller explores Margaret Simon's one word present. Within this simple word there is much to ponder. I pause to create a link between Margaret's word with my one word believe to begin my day.

Being present in each here and now moment is an action that often escapes me when involved in life's daily tasks. But what if I could slow down life to be present in stillness each day? What if I could carve out a few moments to uncover new truths, wisdom, or rethink the have-to tasks? 

What ifs are hypothetical wishes that can become positive actions through the power of believing. Moving aside clutter, simplifying thoughts, and filling spaces of my life with positivity are part of being fully present. Wrapped in strong belief, this would open additional portals to possibilities so that uncertainties that come my way can be dealt with without stress. 

Today, I stand in the presence of the world's beauty (despite the cold) with faith that my path will continue to be guided. Below is a simple creed I created for daily reflection.

Here in your presence

I stand believing 
that earth and sky
unfold to envelop
each and every moment.

Here in your presence
I see with new eyes
the majesty of life
making each day
a wonder to behold.

Here in your presence

I accept life as it is,
savoring what it beholds,
noticing each artistic blade
as a miracle of nature.

Here in your presence

I am aware and fully present.
In stillness I stand 
observing all to
reflect and recharge life.
©CVarsalona, 2016 

Famous quotes (from

The more I give myself permission to live in the moment and enjoy it without feeling guilty...the better I feel about the quality of my work.
~Wayne Dyer (1940 self-help author, speaker

You really don't even own the present moment, for even this belongs to God. Above, all, live in the present moment and God will give you all the grace you need.
Francois Fenelon (1652-1715) French Archbishop, theologian, writer

The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.
Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) Psychologist, Maslow's hierarchy of needs

My parting thought.

In life I shall be present.
Offer a positive comment.
Notice, and fully see, 
what is standing before me.
©CVarsalona, 2016 

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