Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New Direction

Now that the new year is here, it is time to think about a new direction for our journeys. Since research proves that resolutions fail, I along with many other connected educators, have chosen to select one word to guide our personal/professional paths. 

The one word initiative is not a trendy fad but a transformational one. In fact, for the past two years I have chosen two different one words. I not only have invited the words into my life but have recognized them as they pop up in different scenarios. They have been the right words to move me forward on my quest to build a positive life. Openness and listen have now led me to my 2016 one word, believe. A simple acrostic poem that I created will be mantra this year as I strive to keep a positive outlook on life and influence others to do the same.

Belief that
Event (whether positive or not)
inVigorates and adds to
Each of my days.

Because of the importance of setting a purpose to our calendar year, NYEDChat will devote its kickoff educational chat of 2016 on Twitter to the topic, New Year, New Direction, tomorrow night, January 4, 2016 pm EST. 

This chat will open the doors to a lively discussion on how one word or purpose will inspire us to lead fuller lives that will impact our journey and that of others. Please join me but before you do listen to the song I Believe I Can Fly. Perhaps, this year will be the one that I and the many others who have chosen this word will soar.

Please visit DigiLit Sunday hosted by Margaret Simon to hear more about the one word initiative that will be explored in classrooms. Teachers and students will find the power of the one little word this year. Will you join consider joining in the movement? Here are some resources that will be shared at #NYEDChat tomorrow. 

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