Sunday, January 24, 2016

What Inspires Me?

Margaret Simon, founder of DigiLit Sunday, asked a pertinent question today: What inspires you? In response I will recount a story as part of my response but the short version is that nature is an inspiration to me as it unfolds each season. 

This weekend has been one of expected waiting for the blizzard storm of 2016 that was to hit Long Island with force. The days preceding the storm were quiet and calm, it was difficult to imagine the force that would soon be present. Friday night was spent preparing and anticipating what was to come. Saturday morning was the moment of truth. Awakening to a raging blizzard with snow falling constantly was an awe-inspiring event that needed to be shared.

Waking to the blizzard

By evening the frost was very thick.

Needless to say that this force of nature inspired me to observe, reflect, and write. The event called snowmaggedon occurred hours after I sent out an invitation around the globe to writers, bloggers, poets, photographers, teachers, social media colleagues, and family to create a digital inspiration for my newest gallery. You can access the invitation to Winter Wanderings here. Thinking that the storm was a serendipitous moment, I sent out tweets requesting winter scenes from the blizzard of 2016 for placement in the photo corner of the gallery. 

Today, after an afternoon of family snow shoveling, I found the snow to be endless. One family as they walked by commented, "This is an absurd amount of snow". Even though my husband's car was stuck in the snow and now not working, and mounds of snow are still all around, I can still say that I am inspired by the sheer beauty of winter. Its immense blanket of snow and crystalline frost on the windowpanes created a certain stillness that is incomparable.

In tribute of the event that brought Long Island to a standstill, I created a digital inspiration. If I had a classroom of student learners, I would use this poem as a motivator to create poetic compositions about snowmaggedon, complete with artistic renderings of the snow monster.

Below is a blank template that teachers may use with their classes. If your students are inspired to write about the blizzard of 2016 or their personal perspectives of winter and create a digital inspiration, please send me a couple for insertion in the student voice section of Winter Wanderings

You can also find mentor texts to use in class at last year's gallery collection, Winter Whisperings.

Please visit DigiLit Sunday to read other responses to Margaret Simon's question on what inspires you. 

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