Sunday, March 12, 2023

Museum of Happiness

Today I read a fantastic blog post written by Jama Rattigan for Poetry Friday.  Jama ended her post with a question based on the poem, "Happiness" by Stuart A. Paterson.

What does your Museum of Happiness look like?

What an exciting query to ponder. I know that happiness exists in different stages of my life but have I paused to shine the light on it? Where does it exist? I love to visit museums but would mine be filled with artifacts of life that others would be interested in viewing? Questions and thoughts fill my head at the beginning of this day. I need time to reflect on Paterson's poem.

come, visit my
museum of happiness.
the show starts now.
in boxes, in an attic
memories spill out-
artifacts of time-gone-by 
found and resurrected,
Wait, for the pitch, "just be".
Wait at the roaring ocean,
at galleries of artistic expressions
lining walls of internet space.
a new show opens.
in these sacred places,
silence brings peace.
writing flows freely.
take a ticket, find a seat.
share the experience.
happiness awaits 
as the pen flows 
a state of mind grows
a slice of life penned,
new poems ascend.
©CVarsalona, 2023, draft


Day 12


  1. Carol, what a great question to b asked. Everyone's museum of happiness would be unique to that person. Maybe others might not find it interesting, but then it is not their museum. Not sure what would be found in mine. That requires some careful thought.

    1. Maybe your museum would have a section for your embroidery and a salute to cats, Bob.

  2. Oooh. What a neat idea. It is so interesting to think about a museum of happiness. Thank you for sharing! These lines: "in boxes, in an attic/memories spill out-" stuck out for me--I think because that's where so many of my relics of happiness live.

    1. Natasha, thank you for joining me as I muse about a Museum of Happiness. May you open your boxes of memories and have a joyful day.